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As Julius Caesar once said after a victory no one thought he could win ; I came, I saw, I conquered.

2011, a new year and new expension with people who are searching for a home that will give them the opportunity to do what they like.
The goal is to set up a new raiding group with dedicated people with the intention to make new friends.
But also like to have fun doing old school stuff, doing the ulduar achievements for the drake for instance.. farm OS3 untill everyone has the drake, and so on.

Blizzard their slogan is: bring the player not the class.
Wich means.. players with skills and all round characters and not several classes with several players behind it.
In this cataclysm expansion skills has become more important than gear.

If u feel u want to be part of this, and would like to become a member, sign and fill in ur application.

Till we meet again, Xxinda
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